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Charity Survey-Impact of Economy on Giving, Fundraising, Operations

Guidestar released an excellent survey analyzing the effects of the eoncomy on charitable giving (donations to nonprofits), on grantmaking by foundations and public charities and other operational issues.  See Survey at:


Fundraising by Monthly ETF

Chronicle of Philanthropy broadcast a most interesting panel discussion today about fund raising campaigns, programs and related issues focusing on encouraging regular giving–in any amount large or small–by monthly ETF withdrawals from donors’ accounts. The panel addresses many great questions, with many very interesting and informative answers, that you may find thought provoking, and worth your board’s consideration.

A transcript of the panel discussion may be found at:

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Importance of Good (Nonprofit) Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws, Policies and Issues For Nonprofits


Conforming Private Charity with Public Agency Ideology

Should private charities be coerced, by the government agencies granting tax exemption determinations and thereafter monitoring compliance the new Form 990 and similar state filings, to comply with or mirror IRS-public ideologies? What are your thoughts about the IRS after reading the follwoing monograph?

Seems the IRS would